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Watch Busta Rhymes's music video Boomp! and buy the mp3 download

Busta Rhymes dropped the music video of the track Boomp! on November 30, 2020, on YouTube. The track is one of the four new tracks from the second deluxe edition of his album ELE 2, released a couple of weeks ago.

He first released a trailer for the video two days ago on Instagram with the caption:"GLOBAL MOVIE PREMIERE OF #BOOMP DIRECTED BY THE DRAGON & @bennyboom."


The stunning visual, directed by Benny Boom, starts out on the balcony of a mountainside mansion in the clouds — complete with a rooftop pool, and luxury vehicle. As the shot pans out, it's evident that this is no ordinary mansion. It's quite literally in the sky. Furthermore, the rest of the video seems to take place in what I can only assume is Busta's lavish imagination brought to life — a perfect pairing for the vibe of the song.

With the help of CGI, he roams around his movie-esque mansion, surrounded by beautiful women, feeding asparagus to dolphins while an impossibly large, silver sculpture of himself raps the song lyrics in between scenes. Around a minute and 30 seconds in, the video introduces us to his massive yacht — reminiscent of something Batman might own — that he uses to whisk away one lucky lady at sunset.

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