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Lil Pump - Racks To The Ceiling ft. Tory Lanez (Official Music Video)

Lil Pump hasn't been in the music scene since the arrival of his 2019 collection "Harverd Dropout", yet presently he has chosen to make his return with some new material. 

On August 13, 2021, Lil Pump collaborated with Tory Lanez for his brand new music video called "Racks To The Ceiling". The viral music video has more than one point two million views on YouTube. The pristine track includes the creation from the prestigious music producer Ronny J.


"Racks To The Ceiling" has a ton of flexing, affronting, and little lowliness, true to form. Since the track is controlled by an enthusiastic beat, you get unchained forms of Pump and Tory. While the previous appears to be more made than expected, the last shows up cocked and locked like a prizefighter. 

The track shows up with an official video, where Lil Pump flexes his cash while in a club loaded with women.

You can stream his audio songs on Amazon Music on the link below the video.  

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