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Cootie - On the House (Official Music Video)

Drive through South from Cootie's old neighborhood of Blytheville, Arkansas, and you'll show up in Memphis. The city's rich rap history has impacted incalculable rappers and Cootie is no special case for the standard. 

Cootie evades the predominant impact of the mid-'90s underground time of Three 6 Mafia, picking rather to draw from the well of Project Pat's blast in the last part of the '90s and mid 2000s. His new music video "On the House," takes its design from Pat's ageless "Blunt to my Lips," refreshing it with crashing drum designs however leaving the beat somewhat immaculate. The music video was delivered on August 14, 2021 on YouTube and has reached more than 248 thousand views. 

Like the Memphis star, Cootie raps such that causes each line to feel like it ought to be recited by a football crew accumulated in a group. However, in spite of the weighty motivation, Cootie's stanzas show a perkiness—particularly when he gasps like an animation character—that could just have a place with him.

You can stream his audio songs on Amazon Music on the link below the video.  

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