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The Weeknd - Save Your Tears (Music Video)

On November, The Weeknd appeared at the annual Video Music Awards (AMAs) with bandages on his face and it seems his most recent video counts as the fictitious explanation.

On January 5, 2020, he released the music video of the single “Save your tears”, he is seen with his face characterized as if he had been the victim of a bad plastic surgeon, with inflamed lips, eyelids and cheekbones, in a story that shows him in which It seems like a mask show with him as the center of attention and entertainment. Until an enigmatic woman with a bare face is invited to dance with him in the center of the floor, after a play of lights that cause darkness, they return the shot in which the singer holds a revolver and later she points him at forehead…

Without knowing the rest, the story continues until a surprising ending that points to a criticism, perhaps related to the middle of the show and the fragment of the song: "Save your tears for another day ...", that is, leave your tears for another day because as "the show must continue", will it?


The song is part of the album "After hours" that was released in March 2020 and you can get it on Amazon (check the links below the video).

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