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Mario - Luxury Love (LIVE Performance)

Mario shared the music video for the single “Luxury Love” on February 19, 2021.  The music video is part of a virtual concert released on February 14, 2021, called “The Luxury of Love. Live”.  The virtual concert lasted about 40 minutes, the show was viewed by thousands of fans globally on the streaming platform Mandolin.

On the virtual concert he featured ballads from his latest EP Closer to Mars, along with past jams, it was an elegant display of titillating foreplay and over the edge of ecstasy. Accompanied by two dancers, the music veteran who is coming up on 20 years in the game, oozed alluring energy. Flowing between various rooms with intimate lighting, mirrors and rose petals, they portrayed a connection that made us feel like we were watching in person.  The setlist included the savage “Pretty Mouth Magic,” the devotional “Crying Out For Me,” along with the head bop worthy “Music For Love,” and the heartbreaking “How Could You.”

He also took the audience down memory lane with his debut single “Just A Friend” and Gucci Mane assisted, “Break Up.”  A highlight of the evening was his beguiling performance of his latest single, “Luxury Love,” a song that focuses on the gift of loving someone and the beauty of receiving it.


“When people think of the word ‘luxury’ they normally think of materialistic and extravagant gifts. With “Luxury Love,” I wanted to highlight that the act of love is the luxury itself. Whatever your love language is, express that. Luxury is an experience. It’s the outward expression of that language.  A consistent ode to that language,” he recently said via a press release.

Mario wrapped up the evening with his unofficial ballroom joint, “Let Me Love You,” which dropped with a freaked out intro to the beat. The Baltimore native known as an expert in penning the most heartfelt lyrics reminded us why he remains an RnB heavyweight. 

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