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Normani - Wild Side (Official Video) ft. Cardi B

Normani and Cardi B pass on nothing to the creative mind in their brief, yet sizzling collab scene in the visual for 'Mani's new single, "Wild Side." The Tanu Muino-coordinated clasp is one more moving feature for the previous Fifth Harmony part, who slides starting with one modern set then onto the next in a progression of uncovering outfits. 

The visual for the gradual process number opens with Normani pausing dramatically in a red velvet parlor while wearing a body suit that is more pattern than suit as she coos, "I'm ready to pull up on you/ I'm ready to do what I do/ Baby, what you wanna do?/ Shoot your shot 'cause I'm bulletproof/ Load it up and doo-doo-doo/ Baby, what you wanna do?"

Things go somewhat sideways in the subsequent arrangement, in which Normani rocks a miniature small scale purple dress as shirtless male artists in green silk pants slide up, down and sideways around her, apparently resisting the laws of physical science on account of "Inspiration" choreographer Sean Bankhead's gravity-opposing advances. Without settling in, chief Muino fast slices to another dull red area, where Normani and six female reinforcement artists bust a few maneuvers in a club.


The group then, at that point radiates into an advanced city - subsequent to changing into strappy dark cowhide outfits - for an aerobatic, Janet Jackson-esque daily schedule before Normani momentarily flies into a vintage helicopter cockpit in an exquisite panther print catsuit and coordinating with cap. There's no an ideal opportunity to squander, as the 6th speedy change crawls up, handling the artist in an endlessness reflect room wearing only glittery pasties over her private pieces while doing an alluring gymnastic floor routine with her doppelgänger. 

Then, at that point it's Cardi time, and you better accept things get hot. "See, dímelo, turn me 'round/Treat me like a watch, bust me down/On the kitchen floor, directly on that towel/It's my d - and I need it now, ow/Tell me how you need it/Put me on my back or my stomach/Baby, let me blow it like a trumpet/I can do everything, I can prolly suck a watermelon through a straw," Cardi raps while embracing a chain in the crude.

Before sufficiently long, a stripped Normani slides in and the two ladies embrace in only long hairpieces covering their uncovered bodies on a green, wellspring like set that lets free a shower of water on them as the setting shifts one other time. In the last piece, Normani is wearing gauzy, obscure white jeans and two-piece top as the video's prior looks are immediately returned to.

"I had effectively been in practice for around three weeks planning for the video when Cardi heard the record interestingly," Normani said in an articulation. "She truly displayed for me and rejuvenated this record by just doing what Cardi specializes in. I love that lady down and I'm perpetually appreciative."


The invigorating collab comes almost one year after Normani showed up in the music video for Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion's Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 hit "WAP." "Wild Side" comes after Normani's 2019 performance single "Inspiration" and a 2020 remix highlighting 21 Savage. The first tune was a best 40 Hot 100 hit, topping at No. 33 on the outline in August 2019. Denoting Normani's first independent appearance on the Hot 100, "Inspiration" outlined for 10 weeks.

You can stream her audio songs on Amazon Music on the link below the video.  

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