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On July 22, 2021, Sonta shared on YouTube the music video for the single CHOCOLIT from the album with the same title. 

A large number of us have been anxious to hear what Sonta has been concocting and I am glad to say the huge delay is finished. On the off chance that you don't realize Sonta is a rising R&B artist from Chicago who is signed to Machine Gun Entertainment. Over time Sonta has dropped a couple of singles however presently she favored us with additional.

On July 22, the affection was genuine at the Sonta album release party. She dropped her new undertaking "CHOCOLIT", and in the event that you haven't heard it yet, it's fire. You will scarcely believe, she took as much time as necessary with this one. On the project, she has tracks about Love, Sex and even has a girl's Anthem. The entire project is certainly giving that old R&B that we as a whole miss, love, and need. The venture likewise has some blockhead highlights, including some hot Chicagoans like Tink, Ann Marie, and Queen Key. 

The scene had exceptionally cozy energy and was stuffed into the entryway with affection and backing from her loved ones.

This was the primary listening party that some people attended that had a theme. Her topic was The Chocolate Factory, get it, Choco(lit) Factory. So obviously many were wearing their melanin clothing. Also, child the melanin was out! There were free drinks with exceptional beverages named after a portion of the tunes on her album. Also, let me not fail to remember my girl had an entire chocolate fountain. I adored it! The stylistic theme was on point and it all integrated with her project.

You can stream her audio songs on Amazon Music on the link below the video.  

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