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KAROL G, Anuel AA, J. Balvin - LOCATION (Music Video)

Colombians J Balvin and Karol G presented, together with Puerto Rican Anuel AA, their new single 'Location', in which they premiered with references to distant melodies to reggaeton, with which they surprised their millions of Latin American followers, after its publication this Friday on the Colombian video channel.

The video clip, like the song's music, has references to Tejano culture and within its rhymes it invites lovers of the genre to dance in a sensual and flirtatious way. In addition, as various portals dedicated to the analysis of music have reviewed, ‘Location’ does not pretend to be a song that encourages “dogging”, a term that characterizes the singles of artists such as Agua, by J Balvin; Tusa, by Karol G, and Ella wants to drink, by Anuel.

“The most important thing for me is to give my fans a unique and different experience with each single, both musically and visually. 'Location' is a very special song because I was able to collaborate with artists that I admire so much (after several songs alone), we combined sounds of reggaeton, hip-hop, country and we also made a super video full of energy and rodeo vibes ", said the Colombian singer.

Location is the second song that the three artists of the urban genre perform together; remember that the first single they released in collaboration was China, a musical piece that made millions of fans dance around the world. Now, the singers bet on new rhythms with Location, which, in some respects, resembles the rhythms of Monster, one of Rihanna's hits.

Already, several fans of Karol G, who hails from Medellín, the capital of Antioquia, highlighted some phrases that she sings in Location, in which she refers to female empowerment, and highlights rhymes such as “we are all single, love is not welcome. I don't need a man, I take care of myself alone”.

 The new success of these Latin reggaeton artists was produced by Ovy On The Drums and mixed by Mosty. The video clip, like the song, has an American Midwest theme in which cowboy hats, hay, and sand recreate a party in the middle of the Texas desert. Within 4 hours of being published on the La Paisa YouTube channel, the video reached more than 3 million views and almost 300 thousand likes.


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