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RAYE, Rudimental - Regardless (Music Video)

From her album released in mid-2020, Euphoric Sad Songs, Raye welcomes 2021 with a brilliant and luxurious music video for his song Regardless, featuring the collaboration of English electronic bass and drums band Rudimental.  The regardless music video was shared on YouTube on January 8, 2021. 

The theme, based on the feeling of wanting to be with someone and missing them regardless of past moments or situations, is a sample of the famous 2010 song Rapture, by the club music band, iiO.

In the audiovisual of the theme, you can see the singer with her group of friends enjoying parties, a night in the pool, dancing on the sidewalks of the streets, and a yacht ride by the sea, while Raye wears clothes and fancy dresses, with jewels and a lot of shine.

Despite being based on the main rhythm of iiO, the song is a work written by Nobody Ali, Markus Moser and Rachel Keen herself, better known as Raye. On the other hand, its producers were the band Rudimental and the musical group and producer Punctual, which has worked with artists such as Ta’shan and Amber Mark.


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