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DJ Quimoso is formally known as DJ Santo in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, and Jo in Thunder Bay, Canada.  

DJ Quimoso started first mixing music in his basement in Lisbon, Portugal, and in some parties in Paris (wile in holiday).  Then it started making also hip hop beats and electronic music.

Wile in Bethesda, Maryland, U.S.A., he mixed music in some international students parties and continue to do beats in his basement.

It was only in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada that he starting mixing music on a club named Millennium.  Along with a group of friends that called them selves the Ruff Riders Sound Crew (not related to DMX's Ruff Riders) they started the first nights of hip hop, r&b, and calypso, becoming pioneers on hip hop movement in Thunder Bay.  DJ Quimoso was know as Jo and also make it beats for mcs to freestyle on the Millennium.

In Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa, DJ Quimoso was know as a DJ Santo. Among the things he did was create some hip hop shows with his friends where there was hip hop music and freestyles (over is beats and other producers). He also was a presenter on the community radio station CBFM, now Bay FM.

He also collaborated with the hip hop group The Nexus (in Port Elizabeth), and Alezei (in Maputo, Mozambique).